The GRP of the Mangystau region in 2018 amounted to 2.4 trillion. tenge (the share of the region's GRP in the GRP of the Republic of Kazakhstan was 6%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of the GRP, the Mangystau region is in 4th place

In the structure of the GRP of the Mangystau region, services account for 53.3% or 1.2 trillion. tenge, for goods - 46.7% or 1.1 trillion tenge. At the same time, in GRP by goods, the largest volume fell on industrial production - 99% or 1.3 trillion. tenge, the share of agricultural products was 1% or 11.8 billion tenge.

In the Mangystau region in 2018, agricultural products were produced in the amount of 11.8 billion tenge, ifo in the industry amounted to 104.7%.

There is a growth in the number of cattle by 14.8% (17.7 thousand heads). Milk production increased by 12.9% by 2017 (109.2 tons), chicken eggs by 38.4% (482.9 thousand).

Crop production
In 2018, the region sown crops were placed on an area of 934.7 hectares, of which melons - 652.7 hectares, vegetables - 456.5 hectares.

According to the results of 2018, there are 367.1 thousand heads of sheep and goats, 69.3 thousand heads of horses, 58.4 thousand heads of camels, 56.8 thousand heads of birds, 17.7 thousand heads of cattle in the region.

In 2018, industrial enterprises of the Mangystau region produced products in current prices for 1.3 trillion. tenge The index of the physical volume of industrial production was 99.5%.

The decrease is due to a decrease in production in the mining industry (output was 1.1 trillion tenge, ifo - 101.1%).

Growth is observed in the manufacturing industry, the volume of production amounted to - 101.2 billion tenge, ifo - 94.1%. The share of the industry in the industrial structure for the reporting period amounted to 7.8%. The share of electricity - 3.7% and water supply - 0.5%.

The volume of production of other non-metallic mineral products (construction industry) amounted to 88.8 billion tenge (IFO 100.7%).

In the metallurgical industry, the volume of production amounted to 4.7 billion tenge, there was an increase in the production of finished metal products, except for machinery and equipment more than 2 times.

In the chemical industry, products were produced in the amount of 24.2 billion tenge. The production of rubber and plastic products (IFO 76.3%), pharmaceutical products (IFO - 70%) decreased.

In mechanical engineering, products were produced in the amount of 27 billion tenge, which is 31.4% higher than in 2017. The volume of production of refined products amounted to 27.6 billion tenge (an increase of 45.5%).

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