The GRP of Mangistau region for 2019 amounted to 1 456.8 billion tenge (the share of GRP of the region in the GRP of Kazakhstan was 5.2%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP Mangistau region is on the 4th place.

The main branches of the economy



The region is positioned as oil and gas: 25% of crude oil and gas condensate to the total Republican volume is produced

Each year, the region produces 18 million tons of oil and 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas

For 2018-2022 it is planned to implement 17 projects with the participation of foreign capital for $ 6 billion. US, with the creation of more than 5 thousand new jobs

Mangistau is home to world technology leaders and multinational companies included in the Forbes Global-2000 list (CITIC Group, CNPC, HeidelbergCement, Tenaris, Shlumberger, Halliburton OMV Petrom, Arcelor Mittal, Maersk Oil, Saipem, etc.)




11 thousand historical monuments are taken under the protection of the state, there are thousands of rock poems-drawings

The land of unique religious buildings and mosques Beket-ATA, Shakpak-ATA, Shopan-ATA, Masat-ATA, where an endless stream of pilgrims go not only from Kazakhstan. but also from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia and the Caucasus, Iran and Turkey

Beach tourism is actively developing on the coast of the Caspian sea

An infrastructure development project is being prepared in the region. On behalf of the President, the zone "warm beach", 27 km long, is developing near Aktau

In the Gulf of the Caspian sea is a recreation area "Kenderli – - a modern architectural complex, located 210 km from the city of Aktau


Growth rates of economic sectors



(January-September 2022 to January-September 2021,%)




(January-September 2022 to January-September 2021,%)




(January-September 2022 to January-September 2021,%)




(January-September 2022 to January-September 2021,%)




(January-September 2022 to January-September 2021,%)




(January-September 2022 to January-September 2021,%)


There are rich deposits of minerals in the region. Reserves of mineral raw materials on their variety, power of deposits, convenience of their development are unique and practically have no analogs in world Geology.

The main types of minerals are oil and gas. Most of the deposits are concentrated in the area of Novy Uzen and on the Buzachi Peninsula. On the territory of Mangistau region 59 oil and gas fields have been explored, including: Aksaz, Aktoty, Arystanovskoye.

Proven oil reserves in the region are more than 3 billion tons. In addition, the discovery of large oil reserves on the shelf of the Caspian sea off the coast of the region is predicted.

Five manifestations of brown coal are known in the region. A characteristic feature of the coals is the increased concentration of germanium up to 20 grams per ton, as well as other rare scattered elements, which makes it possible to classify these coals as promising in relation to the search for industrial deposits of these elements.


Mangyshlak Peninsula is one of the main regions of the world where a wide distribution of strontium has been established (the strontium content in the discovered ores averages about 20 %). The largest deposits are Aurtash, Unganisha, Accouche field.


In the mountainous part of Mangistau, manifestations of phosphorites and iron ores have been explored. There is also one manganese Deposit in the region, the proven reserves are about 2.7 million tons, the average manganese content is 12 %. There are also deposits of copper, table salt, mineral salts (mirabilite, tenardite), chalk (7 deposits).


Limestone-shell, which is used as a wall and facing material, is widely spread not only in the region but also abroad (about 30 deposits with total balance reserves of more than 200 million m3 have been explored). 7 chalk deposits with total approved reserves of over 10 million tons are known in the region. Chalk is widely used in construction, agriculture, for feeding animals and birds, preparation of paint, putty, drilling fluids, etc. purposes. The quality of chalk is characterized by the content of calcium carbonate from 95.1 to 98.7 %.


In January-September 2019, all industrial enterprises of the region produced products at current prices for 2181.1 billion tenge, which is 99.3% by the corresponding period. In the mining industry and quarrying, the industrial production index in January-September 2019 amounted to 98.7%. In the manufacturing industry, the index of industrial production to the level of the corresponding period of 2018 amounted to 102.5%. In electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, the industrial production index in the reporting period compared to the same period in 2018 amounted to 110%. The industrial production index in the reporting period compared to the same period in 2018 amounted to 107.8%.

Structure of industrial production of Mangistau region by types of economic activity in January 2021

Type of activity

Volume of production of industrial products (goods, services), million tenge

Proportion of activities

in the regional volume of industrial production, in %

Mining and quarrying

1 962 246,2

Crude oil and natural gas production

1 752 428,9

Technical services in the mining industry

206 875,2

Manufacturing industry

123 216,0

Food production

4 263,7

Beverage industry


Light industry

2 035,4

Production of coke and petroleum products

22 899,8

Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

17 022,2

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

4 046,9

Production of other non metallic mineral products

15 710,9

Metallurgical industry

4 157,5

Manufacture of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment

26 526,5


25 320,5

Furniture production


Manufacture of other finished products


Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning

81 865,5

Water supply; Sewerage system, control over waste collection and distribution

13 731,2


2 181 058,8



Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in January-September 2019 in the whole region amounted to 13584.1 million tenge, which is higher than the corresponding period of the previous year by 0.1%.

The volume of production of agricultural, forestry and fisheries in January-September 2019. due to an increase in the slaughter of livestock and poultry in live weight by 1.2%, there is an increase in the production of raw cow's milk by 1.3% and chicken eggs by 27.3%.

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Mangistau region in January 2021 (million tenge)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

From it:


From it:

plant growing


13 584.1

12 855,6

10 118.1 (78.70%)

2 687,1 (21,29%)

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