Plant growing

Market overview of animal husbandry in Kazakhstan
The volume of production

Among the most promising directions also include the production of vegetable oil. The key factors of attraction is:

Access to raw materials in Kazakhstan, gross yield of oilseeds in 2019 amounted to 2.6 million tons.

The area sown to oilseeds (in 2019. reached about 3 million hectares). In addition, the planned increase in land under cultivation of oilseeds to 5 million hectares by 2030.

The production of vegetable oil
Key factors of attractiveness:

Developed raw materials base with a high growth potential

Access to raw materials in the Republic of Kazakhstan
1 007,2 thousand tons Flax seeds 838,7 thousand tons Sunflower 240,8 thousand tons Rapeseed 282,1 thousand tons Soya beans 199,8 thousand tons Safflower seeds

Chart 1. 2.6 million tons of gross harvest of oilseeds in 2019 (

Soy 5% 139,5 ha Flax 46% 1286,6 ha Sunflower 29% 830,4 ha Rape 11% 300,2 ha Safflower 9% 266,1 ha

Chart 2. The area sown to oilseeds in Total, 2019 - 2,887 million hectares

It is planned to increase land under cultivation of oilseeds to 4.95 million hectares in 2030.

The program "Northern soybeans", in which the planned within 5 years to increase the acreage of soybean to 1.5 million hectares, to increase the gross harvest of soybean seeds to more than 3 million tons.

Major importers of vegetable oil
World market of vegetable oil






Import volume of sunflower, safflower and cottonseed oil in 2019

1 229 thousand tons

920,9 million

2 245 thousand tons

1,0 million

545 thousand tons

390,9 million

The import volume of rapeseed-mustard oil and its fractions in 2019

1 615 thousand tons

1 326 million

50 thousand tons

38,2 million

2,2 thousand tons

1,8 million

Import volume of sunflower, safflower and cottonseed oil in 2019

826 thousand tons

593 million

2 945 thousand tons

2,1 million

101 thousand tons

69 million


Today Kazakhstan exports over 1 million tons of oilseeds, the major importers are Uzbekistan, China, Belgium).

Current exports to the world markets
Oil seeds, 2018: product (the main importers), thousand tons
Flax (Belgium)


dis (Mongolia)


Sunflower (Uzbekistan)


Soy (China)


The export of processed products exceeded 300 thousand tons. this includes vegetable oil, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, linseed. It should be noted that in all of these positions one of the main importers is China. Also an important export product of the processing oil is meal, and meal, exported to neighboring markets like Russia and Uzbekistan.

Processing, 2018: product (the main importers), thousand tons
Sunflower and safflower (China)


Canola (China)


Soy (China)


Flax (China)


Sunflower (Russia)


Rapeseed meal (China)


Soybean meal (Uzbekistan)


Linseed cake (Russia)


The production of vegetable oil
Construction of plant on processing of soy crops in North Kazakhstan region, the amount of 32 million USD
Organization and development of production of vegetable oils in Almaty region, the amount of 12 million USD (brownfield)
The production of linseed oil in the NKR, the amount of 20 million USD
Production of sunflower oil in Kostanay region, the amount of 114 ml USD
The construction of an oil extraction plant in East Kazakhstan region, 50 million USD
The expansion of greenhouses to 40 hectares in the Almaty region, $ 118 million. USA
Potential measures of the state support of projects of plant
Exemption from customs duties on the import of equipment.
When you create new industries, relevant to the approved list of activities, with an investment of 2 million MCI, exemption from CIT, land tax for a period of 10 years, property tax for 8 years.
Investment subsidy of the Ministry of Agriculture for reimbursement of investment up to 25%.
Subsidies for the cultivation of priority crops (fertilizer, chemicals, seeds, etc.).
The possibility of attracting local and international funding with an interest rate in national currency.
The possibility of attracting public and private investment funds KIDF, Samruk Kazyna invest, Kazyna Capital Management.
Building engineering infrastructure to the project site.


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